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Ken Sternfeld is a lifelong dreamer who believes that there is more to get out of life when you focus on helping others. As a son of a Pharmacist, he was inspired by the way his father treated his customers when he visited the store in Jamaica, Queens called Merrick Pharmacy. Customers were always looking to him for help with their medications and the management of their health even before they went to the doctor. They called him 'Doc' and Ken was proud of his father who was helping members of the community. As a practicing Pharmacist, following in his dad's footsteps.

Sadly, Ken's brother Steven lost his battle with diabetes and the other conditions that evolved, so he has dedicated his life and his career to help others deal with the challenges and hurdles presented daily by this horrific disease.

It is that commitment that motivated Ken to join the Diabetes Foundation as a patient advocate and guide to help thus suffering people live a healthier life.

Ken decided to advance and transform his career by developing The DiaBuddy Experience, as a new remote patient care solution that was designed and modeled after the Asheville Project, recognized as the Gold Standard of care for patients with diabetes, delivered by Pharmacists.

Today Ken mentors and trains the next generation of PharmD candidates from over a dozen colleges of pharmacy and universities on how they can provide care, compassion and empathy as DiaBuddy Providers who offer virtual support groups and remote consultations to help patients experience a better

quality of life.

Ken lives in Uniondale with his wife Ronni and their cat Moe as they enjoy life experiences with their family that includes two beautiful daughters and four wonderful and spirited grandchildren

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